(LoLwiz is an app which runs on the Overwolf platform. Learn more)

Know your enemy!

At LoLwiz we only care about one thing, to help you WIN! We are 100% focused to provide you with only the best statistic! The most optimized builds and on the point tips to beat your opponent. The key to success lies in our stats card, it provides you with an easy overview of all you needs to asses your opponents and stay on top of the general champion vs champion matchup and damage diversity We saved the best for last! You will never have to tab out of the game. We show all this information inside the game, accessible with a simple hotkey
(LoLwiz is an app which runs on the Overwolf platform. Learn more)

Base information

The summoners nick, division, spells. All the base information to identify the summoner. Lookup for ranked promotion games as the summoner will be under a higher pressure.

Runes and masteries

Look out for especially rune mistakes. Have they forgotten armor or magic resist? Poke then early to gain the advantage.

Game statistics

Check the average kill, death and assits from historic games on the same champion by the summoner. Do they have a good win percentage? Experience in the same role? Take it all into assesment.

Champion matchup

Based on overall statistic across all summoners, how does the champions matchup against each other? Keep an eye out for the damage combosition and be sure to buy items to counter it correctly.
(LoLwiz is an app which runs on the Overwolf platform. Learn more)

Used by the pro's!

Don't settle for our words! The top tier professional League of Legends players use LoLwiz! and they love it!
"Knowing who to focus early game is so easy with LoLwiz! #NoArmor" - Cloud9 Sneaky
"It takes no time to asses how much experience they have on a champion" - TSM Dyrus
"Spotting the trolls just got easier than ever!" - Team Liquid IWillDominate

Riot compliance

We know whatís going through your head! Is LoLwiz safe to use? Will my League account get banned if I use LoLwiz? What does Riot have to say about all this!?? Rest assured LoLwiz is completely safe to use and is in full compliance with Riotís Terms of Use (TOU). Many thousands of users hit our servers daily, and have been doing so since early 2015. But donít take our word for it, check out Riotís official word on LoLwiz below. Or see it for yourself at the Riot forums. We vow to continue to work closely with Riot, and we will always do everything in our power to deliver a high quality user experience.

In-game screenshots