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Are you ready to download the world’s best, totally FREE in-game scouter for League of Legends? Then let’s get to it!

Getting started is fast and easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: Download and launch the LoLwiz installer.

The installer will automatically install a lean version of Overwolf, the overlay engine which powers LoLwiz. Rest assured no extras or “bloatware” will be installed on your PC during this process. We are extremely committed to delving you with a high quality user experience that will not deteriorate your in-game performance.

Step 2: Enter your summoner name and region.


After the installer does its thing, you will automatically be prompted to configure LoLwiz, which takes just a few seconds! Remember, LoLwiz requires only that you enter your summoner name and region but never your password.

Step 3: Launch LoL, play and enjoy!


LoLwiz will automatically prompt you when your stats are ready. Simply hit SHIFT-TAB to activate the main stats window, and never again worry about having to Alt-Tab out of the game!

Are you a Jinx fan? Here’s an added tip:

Download - Jinx Skin

The LoLwiz installer includes a nifty Jinx skin which you can activate via the “my skins” button!

We hope you enjoy LoLwiz…happy scouting!

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