Intermittent Network Issues – FIXED!

Greetings Summoners,

Struggling to receive stats lately? LoLwiz seemingly just not working for you most of the time??

Recently the LoLwiz team discovered a nasty, intermittent network issue caused by our hosting environment. These difficult-to-detect connection issues would increasingly result in users not getting stats (frown face) most if not all of the time — even if you configured LoLwiz with your summoner info correctly (very frustrating, we know).  After hours of hard work, and moving our servers to a new hosting provider, we have pinpointed and resolved this issue. By the time you read this message, the fix will have been fully implemented on our side. =)

NEW version coming soon!

Within the next two weeks or so, a new version of LoLwiz is coming soon to an Overwolf near you! Wondering what we have in store for you? Besides general bug fixes and optimization, we are also adding a new feature.

Share stats in chat. Now you can share info on opponents (or allies) in the League chat window! With a simple click of a button you’ll automatically share player’s runes, masteries, division and rank for a chosen champion. Here’s a sneak peak (subject to change). Clicking on the COPY button below will copy and paste Space Ranger’s stats into the League chat window (for your team only).


We thank you for your continued support and patience as we continue to work hard to deliver the best possible stats scouter app experience to you. So please spread the word, and see you in game!

– LoLwiz Team

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