LoLwiz: A Trip Down Memory Lane

How did we get here?

The LoLwiz project began Q1 2014 with Florence “NiKiTÖ” Espinoza, former TeamSpeak CEO, Robert “MrRandom”, a UCSD student developer, and Lulu “PixuLuLu”, a UCSD student designer as the core team.  The original concept was to leverage Overwolf’s powerful in-game overlay platform and build a scouter app which provides useful pre-game stats and numerous in-game perks for League of Legends summoners.  Early conceptual UI design “baked” the stats directly on top of the native LoL client’s loading screen and in-game screens and included the idea of linking to an “extended stats” partner website.


In addition, at the time in-game jungle timers did not exist so we set to fill this void and to provide more of an enhanced native user experience.


When was LoLwiz 1.x originally launched?

LoLwiz was originally launched a few days prior to the USA Thanksgiving holiday, late November 2014. User adoption went globally viral and the following week Riot kindly reached out to us and asked to shutdown the app in order to evaluate LoLwiz compliance with Riot’s latest Terms of Use (TOU). This was a somewhat unique circumstance in that LoLwiz was among very few apps to quickly gain massive global attention where the app itself is founded upon overlay technology. Nevertheless, the LoLwiz team immediately shut down the app and requested follow up meetings with key Riot personnel to pursue TOU compliance and future acceptance.

How did the LoLwiz UI/UX change over time?

Changes in Riot’s Terms of Use from early to mid 2014, particularly in the area of 3rd party “do’s and don’ts”, paved way to a number of alterations in LoLwiz over time. After numerous discussions with Riot, new requirements surfaced along with the need to further optimize the LoLwiz back-end. This contributed to the need for additional developer resources. Soon thereafter LoLwiz welcomed senior developer Thomas “Tastefull” Hansen to the team. Through close collaboration with Riot it became clear that our design approach would need to change dramatically.

Instead of baking UI elements directly on top of the native LoL UI, Riot asked us to change our approach so that the app itself has an “opt-in” component which requires a user to for example hit a hot-key combination (Shift-Tab in our case) in order to “activate” or launch the app. Another requirement was that the app itself must appear to be 3rd party. Riot further helped us conclude that we could no longer mimic the same color tones nor look/feel of the native LoL UI.


LoLwiz 2.x was relaunched in closed beta on January 2015 at the UCSD Winter GameFest annual event.  Soon thereafter, an update to LoLwiz included LoLKing as our featured extended stats partner, and Cloud 9 as our eSports liaison. Beginning with the launch of LoLwiz 2.x, LoLwiz now loads as a separate opt-in window which is overlaid on top of the LoL UI. In addition, the LoLwiz back end is now far more optimized to handle extremely high user capacities with lightning fast load times.

By special request from Riot, we also obtained a special high-volume API license key and we can now proudly say that LoLwiz is built 100% on Riot API’s and is fully compliant with the Riot Terms of Use (TOU). Please visit this Riot forum thread for reference. It is our intent to always remain compliant and in positive standing with Riot, so our users will never have to worry about account integrity or safety concerns while using LoLwiz. In short, LoLwiz is legit and safe to use.

When are we today?

Today LoLwiz is among the fastest growing 3rd party apps available for League of Legends, servicing over 200K unique users and over 40 million pageviews per month (as of July 20th 2015) with an extremely high 35% to 50% average user retention rate. The LoLwiz team is currently hard at work to deliver an all new LoLwiz 3.0 user experience, with a completely redesigned app which will make its debut at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany during the week of August 6th 2015. Key updates to LoLwiz 3.0 include increased font size, ability to dynamically scale the UI, pre-game launch screen with latest news, post-game stats, and an overall far more attractive design concept and logo.


The LoLwiz team continues to work closely with Riot and Overwolf, providing crucial feedback for the ongoing development and improvement of the Riot API and core Overwolf overlay platform.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Overwolf for working with us and believing in our product, and a very special thanks to all LoLwiz early adopters, former closed beta users, and all current and new LoLwiz users. We thank you for your countless hours of testing, support, and feedback. Without you we wouldn’t be here today. So game on and play hard with LoLwiz…always FREE to download, FREE to use.

Thank you.
– The LoLwiz Team

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