Stats occasionally not loading? Here’s why!

Greetings LoLwiz’ers!

Lately we’re receiving a lot of feedback regarding users having trouble loading stats. We wanted to explain the nature of this issue in a little more detail.

Reason #1 – Riot’s data servers are down.

First and foremost, just like other LoL stats websites and scouters, it is important to note that LoLwiz functionality is largely dependent upon whether Riot data servers (AKA the Riot API) are available.  If Riot’s servers are down, then unfortunately there’s not much else we can do other than notify you.

Reason #2 – The user configured in LoLwiz is not actually playing.

LoLwiz works by checking for your stats, or more accurately the stats of the summoner name and region you configured in LoLwiz. If you, or the summoner you configured, are not actually engaged in a real match (eg. you are spectating someone else’s game) then LoLwiz will not be able to show you any stats.

We can assure you that we continue to work closely with Riot to provide feedback and suggestions in relation to this problem.  We have been assured that Riot is making progress in terms of ironing out these issues — especially the occasional data server downtime, and we’re told it’s just a matter of time and resource. In the meantime, please check back with us for further updates.


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