What’s all the buzz? Why do I need LoLwiz?

New to LoLwiz? LoLwiz is an in-game scouter for League of Legends that provides detailed summoner statistics for your team as well as the enemy’s. LoLwiz is powered by Overwolf and works as an overlay, bringing stats to you directly in the LoL client. This gives you a seamless in-game user experience that provides you with everything you need to know about all summoners in your current match!


With LoLwiz you can:
– Instantly know everyone’s current ranking + LP for the current season
– Instantly know how each team member has spec’d their champion (runes + masteries)
– Instantly determine each summoner’s performance with their currently selected champion
– Instantly know each summoner’s most often played role in ranked matches

And since LoLwiz is powered by Overwolf, you can also enjoy additional cool native features to Overwolf such as the ability to take screenshots, record and even playback your match while you’re in game, or share your video with your friends.

What is LoLwiz - Screenshot

Overwolf also features in-game web browsing capabilities which are tightly integrated with LoLwiz’s bookmarks feature. So you can always gain quick access to your favorite builds on your favorite websites, and access all information without ever having to alt-tab out of the game!

LoLwiz means instant information to help you understand strengths and weaknesses for both your team and the enemy’s. Both Overwolf and LoLwiz are FREE to download, FREE to use – forever. So what are you waiting for?

Visit our Download page and get started today!

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