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Everything you need for Tier S compositions, advanced item builder, and newest cheat-sheets.

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Your All-Inclusive App For Competitive Ranked Play

Gaining a competitive edge is all about information.

1. Which champs are statistically more likely to shut down your main?
2. Which of your enemies is most susceptible to ganks?
3. Which build is performing best on the current patch?
1. Which champs are statistically more likely to shut down your main?
2. Which of your enemies is most susceptible to ganks?
3. Which build is performing best on the current patch?

LoLwiz gives you all this information and more via a single, real-time display.

With LoLwiz, you can spend those critical pregame minutes analyzing your matchup instead of pulling up 3 browser tabs and two apps trying to get the necessary info.

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LoLwiz gives you everything you need in one place, so you can focus on one thing: winning.

Dominate Champ Select

SoloQ is heavily influenced by champ select. Your ability to dominate a game can be significantly improved by taking a strong champ, while a rough counterpick can make it difficult to get ahead and carry your team to victory. Lolwiz gives you the real-time data you need to dominate champ select. See the highest win rate champs in your role, as well as the 5 best bans for your champ, role, and the meta at large. Once you’ve made your pick, we’ll show you both the most popular and highest win rate runes for that patch, so you’re ready to maximize your champ’s potential.

Scout Your Teammates & Competitors

SoloQ is rarely a true 5v5. If you can get the best players on your team ahead while neutralizing your opponent’s best players, you can add a whole lot more W’s to that ranked win column.
Lolwiz gives you the most thorough player review on the market. Straight from the loading screen, you can review champ win rates, kill participation and KDAs for the entire season, as well as the last 10 games. See who’s hot, who’s tilted, and who’s on comfort picks as you formulate your plan of attack.

Plan Your Optimal Build

There are hundreds of apps that provide recommended builds, but optimal builds change based on team compositions. A single, cookie cutter build won’t give you the edge you need to climb the ranked ladder.
Lolwiz shows you the leading build for the current patch and breaks down the percentage of magical, physical, and true damage for each player and team, so you can optimize your build. We even give you champ specific recommendations, like pointing out that health items are less effective against Amumu due to his W “Despair”.

Fully Compliant With Riot TOS

While Lolwiz is designed to give you a big edge in ranked play, it’s also designed to be fully compliant with Riot’s Terms of Service. Our app is is completely safe to use, and we’ve hosted thousands of users daily since 2015 without ever once having a compliance issue.

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But don’t take our word for it. See what one Rioter had to say about

Hey everyone! Just wanted to chime in, since someone asked about our thoughts on this. LoLwiz, in it’s current incarnation, is no different from visiting OP.GG or LolNexus or any other similar site. The only real difference is that it is displayed via an Overwolf Plugin, rather than a web page. It’s powered by the Riot API, and no questionable access the game client, so as of right now we have no issues with using this app and will not frown upon players who do so.

Join 1.6 Million Players Using Lolwiz To Give Them A Competitive Edge

We vow to continue to work closely with Riot, and we will always deliver a high quality user experience that is fully compliant with Riot’s TOS.

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